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GWTS members organizing fund raising program in various public places with their sons and daughters

We are proud of our children who are helping us in Nepal Earthquake Relief And Recovery effort initiated by GWTS. Thanks to their parents for encouraging them to participate in such organized activities. We are proud to have such parents in our Samaj.

GWTS Family members organizing fund raising program

GWTS will be organizing these events in other various public places every weekend.


This can be a big learning experience for your children and opportunity to help Nepal and Nepali. We highly encourage other families to participate as well. If you have any questions on how to do, and if you need any kind of letter from Greater Washington Tamu Samaj please contact:

Surendra Gurung at 703 269-7680
Ram Gurung at 703 626 2767

Please visit our Facebook Page for more pictures.

We will soon make the fund raised public in this website.

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